Como Desmontar el Patinete de Xiaomi Mijia M365 [Desmontaje / Disassembly]

Xiaomi Mijia M365 - Resultados Dyno

To evaluate all the advantages of the product, it is best to simply disassemble. Especially if we are talking about the vehicle, which in any case sooner or later will require maintenance.
Let's start with the power button and a flashlight. There are doubts that there all is well protected from moisture. Remove the cover over the flashlight. On the way a couple of screws on the top and bottom.


Flashlight draws on the wire.


Turn it to 90° and get access to three bolts. These screws fix the steerer tube to the removal of the steering wheel. From a pipe in the wheel goes a bunch of wires. Place their connection hidden in silicone pouch to avoid contact with water.


Inside the stem all connections thoroughly coated with varnish. Electronics is located under the plastic cover attached with a button. Gently remove.


Inside, everything is perfect. Button also sealed in plastic and fully waterproof. Water will not have a chance.

Let's see what we have with lever brake.

Xiaomi_Mijia_Electric_Scooter устройство рычага тормоза

Under the lid hides the Hall sensor and the magnet on which he responds. The sensor itself is thoroughly coated with varnish.

Xiaomi_Mijia_Electric_Scooter датчик Холла в рычаге тормоза-1Xiaomi_Mijia_Electric_Scooter датчик Холла в рычаге тормоза-2

The case from the Hall sensor:
Xiaomi_Mijia_Electric_Scooter корпус от датчика Холла

Further we'll deck. Inside closed soft plastic overlay.


She visibly sags under the screws that fasten it to the bottom of the scooter. At the screws stick out of a hat. The decision is clearly not thought out. The CAP is easy to cut when hitting the curb.


However, all coated with thread lock screws and lid fine gidroizolirovana on the perimeter with a soft material.


Inside all very skillfully. The controller and the battery are positioned in their transparent housing.

xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_otkrytaya_deka_akkumulyator_kontroller xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_otkrytaya_deka_akkumulyator
To remove the battery disconnect all wires from the controller and one under the rear wing to the tail lights.

The battery carefully promazan with sealant to prevent moisture. It is worth BMS voltage control of each cell, two of the thermode, removed the wire interface through which the controller receives the complete information about the State of the battery.

xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_akkumulyatornaya_sborka xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_akkumulyatornaya_sborka_etiketka xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_akkumuoyatornaya_sborka_germetizatsiya_tortsa-1 xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_akkumuoyatornaya_sborka_germetizatsiya_tortsa-2 xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_akkumuoyatornaya_sborka_termopara

For better cooling controller is fastened to the deck through the thermal grease, which the manufacturer explicitly does not regret.

The fee covered with transparent casing, but no additional waterproofing. But it is not necessary. Bay itself is perfectly protected from water and, in the case of flood, the important thing is to not exactly got the battery.

xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_snimaem_kontroller xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_kontroller xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_kontroller_i_akkumulyator

Wires from the controller go into the pipe in the direction of the steering wheel and there zapeneny. Touch won't them.


Now, on to the engine. To get to him, we have decided to withdraw the plug entirely.


To do this, loosen the two screws under the folding mechanism and unscrew the one central screw, leading to a fork.
xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_oslabit_dva_bolta xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_vykrutit_bolt

Inside you will need to unscrew one screw yet. And fork falls down.


The plastic lining glued red reflective strips. To get to the screws, they should be removed.


Under plastic plates are still screws from the plastic casing of the plug.
Xiaomi_Mijia_Electric_Scooter_вилка_без_левой_накладки Xiaomi_Mijia_Electric_Scooter_вилка_без_правой_накладки
xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_plastikovye_nakladki xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter-nakladka_perednej_vilki_pravaya

In principle, to remove the wheel, the plug entirely shoot is not necessary, because access to the axial nuts we already have. But we decided to disassemble everything. 
xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_plastikovyj_kozhuh_vilki_vid_sverhu xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_plastikovyj_kozhuh_vilki_vid_snizu

Plug checked magnet-magnetized any fine. Steel fork, and therefore does not break the axis.

xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_perednyaya_vilka_vid_snizu xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_perednyaya_vilka_vid_sverhu xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_motor-koleso xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_stupichnaya_gajka_i_shajba

Unscrew the motor have the cover, then on the opposite side of the axle and push the stator is falling out of the mobile parts.
xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_pravaya_kryshka_motor-kolesa xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_motor-koleso_rotor xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_motor-koleso_stator xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_motor-koleso_stator_vid_sverhu

Considering the rotor, make sure that no additional waterproofing motor have not. There is only a small cavity under the cover that act as buffers for water penetration, so she did not ran on. Engine not worth submerged in water, otherwise the water will flood the bearings and gets inside the axis. So if you are drowned in a deep puddle engine even for a few seconds, then in any case would have to be then (return home) to disassemble the engine and thoroughly dried.

xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_zadnyaya_levaya_nakladka xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_zadnyaya_pravaya_nakladka

Wheelie easy revolves on two bearings, but here there is a mechanical disc brake. Parses. Begin in the same way with linings: remove red stickers, unscrew screws, remove the cover plates.

xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_zadnyaya_pravaya_nakladka_snyata xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_zadnyaya_levaya_nakladka_snyata xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_zadnee_koleso_bez_vinta

On the inner side of the already thick frame reinforced with steel inserts under the zadnju axis.

Scooter reliability at a very high level. The brake mechanism disassembled quite easily, and we can see the pads and the brake disc on a wheel with a diameter of 110 mm.

xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_tormoznoj_disk xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_kolodki-1 xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_kolodki-2 xiaomi_mijia_electric_scooter_bez_zadnego_kolesa

So, disassembly proved sufficient simplicity of the apparatus, reliability and excellent build quality and components. Unfortunately, has not been without drawbacks: this plastic bottom cover, sticking out of the cap screws.


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